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Sustainable/Renewable Energy

• Biofuels / Biofuel Cells
• Hybrid Energy Systems
• Hydropower
• Solar Energy
• Wind Energy
• Advanced Energy Technologies
• Nuclear Energy Fission & Fussion
• Energy Policy, Planning & Management

Alternative Energy and the Environment

• Energy Conservation
• Energy Conversion
• Fuel Cell Technology
• Plasma Technology
• Renewable Energy Sources
• Solar Energy
• Water Energy
• Wind Energy

Management of Ecosystems, Environment and Water Resources

• Ecosystems Management
• Solid Waste Management
• Environmental Management
• Water Resources Management
• Watershed/ River Basin Management
• Wastewater Discharge Management

Assessments of the Condition of Ecosystems and Environmental Quality

• Air Quality Assessment
• Ecosystems Assessment
• Water Resources and Quality Assessment
• Water Pollution and Water Quality Control
• Health assessment in view of Environment al quality

Modelling and Regional Environmental Assessments (Includes Global Change)

• Modeling
• Environmental Process Simulation
• Water Quality Modeling
• GIS, Statistics, and Remote Sensing
• Data Management and Statistics
• Environmental Remote Sensing Applications
• GIS for Environmental Assessment

Behaviour of and Impacts of Pollutants in Atmosphere, Soil and Water

• Transport of Air Pollutants
• Metal Behaviour: Distribution, Speciation and Bioavailability
• Characterization and Degradation of Organic Pollutants
• Natural Attenuation of Contaminants
• Permeable Reactive Barriers
• Biotransformation/Microbial Degradation
• Bio-Assessment and Toxicology
• Ecotoxicological Impact
• Human Exposure

Treatment/ Restoration of Ecosystems, Environment and Water resources

• Wastewater and Sludge Treatment
• Drinking Water treatment
• Water Treatment and Reclamation
• Industrial Wastewater treatment
• Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
• Ecosystem Restoration
• Hazardous Gas Biofiltration
• Soil Restoration/ Phytoremediation